VirtualBox for Windows

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VirtualBox 2021 for Windows

The VirtualBox 2021 is free for Windows, Like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP include 32 bit and 64 bit.


VirtualBox – Reviews

Oracle VM VirtualBox 2021 for Windows is being heavily used to recreate network designs on servers for both troubleshooting purposes as well as deployment scenarios. VMs are generally created to host applications or programs that act as the building blocks for network, which are then imported into GNS3 for laying out the foundation of the network topology. Using such a solution allows the company to save on resources and makes better use of the available resources on the Server stack.

Then VirtualBox 2021 for Windows is a good choice because it supports an amazingly wide selection of host and client combinations. Windows from XP onwards, any Linux level 2.4 or better, Windows NT, Server 2003, Solaris, OpenSolaris and even OpenBSD Unix. There are even people that nostalgically run Windows 3.x or even IBM OS/2 on their modern systems. It also runs on Apple Mac, and for Apple users, it can host a client Mac VM session.

Minimum System Requirements :

If you want to run Virtualbox on Windows you need at least 1GB of RAM and more RAM is always better.

VirtualBox 2021 for Windows 10/8/7/XP Download

To get free latest version of VirtualBox for Windows for your Operating System, you can download it free on green button below...!!!

Software Information :

  1. Software Name : VirtualBox for Windows
  2. Operating System : Windows
  3. Author : Oracle VM

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