Mozilla Firefox for Linux

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Mozilla Firefox for Linux 2021

The Mozilla Firefox for Linux 2021 Free latest version download browser for all linux operating system. See what’s being blocked is the new feature of the browser software that Firefox shows you how many data-collecting trackers are blocked with Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Mozilla Firefox for Linux 2021
Firefox for Linux 2021

Mozilla Firefox for Linux –  Summary

One of the preferred Internet Web browsers, Firefox for Linux 2021 is additionally Open up Resource as well as offered for significant operating systems consisting of OS X, Linux, Solaris, Linux, Windows, Android, and so on. It is written majorly in C++, Javascript, C, CSS, XUL, XBL as well as launched under MPL2.0 Certificate.

Since its introduction, it has actually been praised for its rate and also security add ons and also is frequently labelled as the spiritual follower of Netscape Navigator. It makes use of the Gecko internet engine in all the supported systems leaving the most up to date one on iOS which does not use Gecko.

Functions supported by Firefox for Linux 2021 include: tabbed browsing, spell monitoring, incremental find, live bookmarking, personal browsing, add-on support which allows simple integration of several features. Apart from these, it supports many standards including: HTML4, XML, XHTML, SVG as well as APNG and so on.

Mozilla Firefox for Linux 2021 for Linux 32 bit / 64 bit

To get free latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Linux for your Operating System, you can download it free on green button below...!!!

Software Information :

  1. Software Name : Mozilla Firefox for Linux
  2. Operating System : Linux
  3. Author : Firefox