KeePass Installer for Windows

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KeePass Installer for Windows (2021 Update)

The KeePass Installer is free Open source software for Windows that support for all windows platforms. Everyone can have a look at its full source code os the softwares.

KeePass Installer for Windows
KeePass Installer

KeePass for Windows – Review & rating

Every day we have to memorize lots of passwords on various devices, email accounts, website servers and network logins. Our ability as humans is very limited to remember all of these passwords and makes it impossible for us to remember each one of the passwords that we have created. In addition, the passwords that we create on each account are different to prevent others from knowing and getting our passwords and in the end our mail accounts will be accessed and stolen by irresponsible parties. So, because of all the problems I have outlined above, I recommend to everyone around the world to use the 2021 KeePass Installer for Windows 10 software to protect our passwords.

KeePass Installer for Windows 10 is a free open source to manage passwords in a very secure way. You can store all your passwords in one database and locked with a master key. So you don’t need to remember all the passwords you have, you only need to remember one master key to unlock the entire password database. The database files are encrypted using the best and safest encryption algorithms currently known (AES-256, ChaCha20 and Twofish). This is one of the features of KeePass 2021 for Windows 10 that makes this software trusted around the world. You can see the RATINGS of the SOFTWARE at bottom of page.

New Features:

New entries expires can be customized as you want, Hot to do that? you can see the point 7 below and see the pictures above.

  1. Added support for opening URLs with the new (Chromium-based) Microsoft Edge in private mode.
  2. Added support for opening URLs with Vivaldi in private mode.
  3. Added automatic assignment of mnemonics for ‘Open with …’ commands in the ‘URL(s)’ menu.
  4. The entry templates menu now supports showing templates that are stored in subgroups of the templates group.
  5. When adding a new entry based on a template that has an empty user name, the user name is now set to the default user name of the database, unless the new entry is stored in the templates group.
  6. Automatically generated passwords for new entries.
  7. When adding a new entry based on a template that does not expire, the expiry date is now set based on the option ‘By default, new entries expire in the following number of days’ (in ‘Tools’ → ‘Options’ → tab ‘Security’), unless the new entry is stored in the templates group.
  8. New icon recoloring (with high DPI support, by deconstructing an ICO, modifying BMP palettes and data, and assembling a new ICO).
  9. Added {UUID} placeholder
  10. When specifying a weak master password in the master key creation dialog, KeePass now shows a warning.
  11. Triggers
  12. Enforced configuration
  13. Enforced configuration
  14. Plugins
  15. Added workaround for Mono pre-authenticated anonymous web request bug.

For more information about the features function you can go to

Bug Fixed on latest version:

Fixed a default value type problem in the hot key configuration settings.
Database file tab colors are now rounded to the nearest supported colors.

KeePass Installer for Windows Free Download

To get free latest version of KeePass Installer for Windows for your Operating System, you can download it free on green button below...!!!

Software Information :

  1. Software Name : KeePass Installer for Windows
  2. Operating System : Windows
  3. Author : KeePass

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