Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version

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Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version 2021 Latest Version

The Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version 2021 is free download for Microsoft DOS operating system like MS-DOS 1x, DOS 2x, DOS 3x, DOS 4x, DOS 5x, DOS 6x, DOS 7x as part of Windows 9x, Windows 95 and Windows Me (x86).

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version 2021
Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version

HDSentinel For DOS Edition – Review 2021

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version (HDSentinel 2021) is a hard disk monitoring software with greatest possible support of HDD/SSD/SSHD (crossbreed) drives. Its goal is to find, test, detect and also fix disk drive problems, report and screen SSD and HDD health and wellness, performance degradations and failings. Hard drive Sentinel offers total textual description, ideas and also displays/reports one of the most thorough info concerning the hard disks as well as strong state disks inside the computer or in outside rooms (USB/ e-SATA). Various signals and also report alternatives are readily available to ensure maximum safety of your beneficial data.

The software monitors hard disk drive/ HDD status, including health, temperature level and all S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Evaluation and Coverage Technology, built in most hard drives, strong state disks and crossbreed drives (SSHD) today) worths for every disks. Also it measures the disk transfer speed in real time which can be used as a standard or to find feasible hard disk failings, performance deteriorations.

You will be able to identify the IDE or SATA temperature and health info if you use the HD Sentinel DOS Edition for your DOS.  This HD Sentinel this version can only be used if the system is running DOS Under Windows DOS box it is NOT working.

HD Sentinel Developer producted more leass than about nine products of HD Sentinel :

  1. Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Setup .
  2. Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Portable.
  3. Hard Disk Sentinel (standard).
  4. Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server.
  5. Download Limited Trial / Free Versions.
  6. Hard Disk Sentinel Trial.
  7. Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version 2021 (FREE) .
  8. Hard Disk Sentinel LINUX (FREE) .
  9. Hard Disk Sentinel (standard).

You can read more information about the function of each products on hdsentinel.com as official website.

Command line switches :

  1. /N – disable detection of disk controllers and hard disks connected to them
  2. /H – high compatibility mode
  3. /M – maximum compatibility mode (use when some hard disk(s) are not detected)
  4. /D – do not display “save report” option and do not wait
  5. /R [report.xml] – save report to filename (default: report.xml)
  6. /A – automatically save report to file name created from current date (MMDDHHMM.xml)
  7. /TXT – create and save TXT report instead of XML
  8. /ASK – ask for description and include it in report
  9. /SEC – display hard disk security status also
  10. /AAM – display automatic acoustic information also
  11. /SETAAM drive_num
  12. /SMART – display SMART information on screen
  13. /P – pause between pages
  14. /? – displays help information

You must download four of files below for HDSentinel DOS Edition :

  1. Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version 2021 – application only, should be copied to DOS boot device
  2. Hard Disk Sentinel Freevfor DOS 2021 – installer, creates FreeDOS boot disk with HDS for DOS
  3. Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition 2021 – bootable CD ISO image, does not require floppy drive/disk
  4. Hard Disk Sentinel for DOS – Windows executable to make bootable USB drive with HDSDOS (pendrive, memory card)

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version 2021 Free Download

To get free latest version of Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version for your Operating System, you can download it free on green button below...!!!

Software Information :

  1. Software Name : Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Version
  2. Operating System : Windows
  3. Author : HDSentinel